14 surprising things that will happen in the next 24 hours!

14 Intriguing Events That Unfold in the Next 24 Hours – From Birth to Extinction and Beyond!

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A New Day Will Start And End

It may sound cliche, but 24 hours is an important set of time in the world that we call Earth. If you really think about it, 24 hours is a clock by which we wrap our lives around. Each day we live is basically a 24 hour cycle that we choose to do certain things and then do other things the next day if we’re able to.

And because the world is so big, that means every 24 hours brings a TON of new things to life, and some old things that we continue to do because that is what requires of us.

A single day is an important part of history whether we know it or not. And because time flows like it does, we may not realize just how much is done in a single day until we decide to reflect on it later.

Of course, by that token, we honestly don’t know if tomorrow will come, so the next 24 hours could be the last ones on Earth. Hence the phrase, “Live every day like its your last”. Because you don’t know when the last day will come.

Cars Are Being Built

If you think about it, much of what we do in the world today is quite literally fueled by transportation. There was a time when traveling around the world was a hassle, or a quite literal quest that would push people and supplies to their limits. 

But now, the world is built on the concept that we can get anywhere, especially through cars. Every single day in the world, there are about 200,000 cars made in plants and factories. That may seem low to you because of the nature of car building in regards to the assembly lines and such. But remember, this isn’t just about making cars, it’s about making quality cars. And making sure that they’re safe to drive and such.

Plus, if you think about it, a lot of cars that get made don’t get sold right away. Just look at your local car lots and you’ll see tons of new cars lined up on the lot just waiting to be bought. So despite so many being made, many right now are just…lawn ornaments.

Still, better to have too many cars than too few I suppose.

Life Is Born

Technically speaking, it’s impossible to know how much life is born every single day. After all, while it is possible to calculate how many babies among humans are born, trying to calculate all the animals that are in the world is a bit more difficult.

But for those wanting to know how many babies are being born every day, that would be about 367,000 give or take a couple hundred, or even thousand technically.

It is a bit life-affirming, isn’t it? Because a new child being born into the world means that there’s a new person that can potentially being hope and joy and maybe even peace and love to others. Granted, not all babies are born to the best of circumstances, but it’s the hope that their lives will be meaningful that gets most people going.

And if we WERE to add in the animals and even the plants of the world, the number of newborns would likely be in the millions depending on the species and such. Think about that, millions of new lifeforms born every single day.

Kind of nice.

Life Is Going Extinct

Sorry to depress you everybody, but sadly, this is a key point of our world. Part of the balance that is needed to help things live. But while death itself is natural, there’s a difference between death and extinction. And every single day on Earth, there are between 150-200 different species of life between plants and animals that are slowly going extinct.

That’s not a good number, especially when some of these animals absolutely can be saved if some effort is put into their protection and preservation.

For example, one of the biggest reasons for extinction among certain animals is the loss of habitat due to human expansion. So cutting back on that will allow animals and their ecosystems to thrive.

Then of course, there are many species of rhinos and elephants that are dying out due to poaching, aka illegal hunting. Fighting off poachers and better protecting the animals are a key part of preservation of life.

There are those doing that right now, and that’s to be applauded, but unless more is done, it won’t be enough.

Breath In, Breathe Out

Take a breath. No, really, go on and take a breath. Take it in deep, and it let it out long. Does that make you feel better? Good, that is part of the point.

Breathing isn’t just something we do every single day, it’s a necessary part of life itself in terms of functioning the human body. Air gives us strength, allows our heart and lungs and blood to get stronger, and many other things that you like didn’t notice.

Speaking of not noticing, breathing is honestly something that you do without thinking about it most of the time. So because of that, you likely don’t know how many breaths you take in 24 hours.

Go on! Take a guess, I’ll wait. 5000 breaths a day? Higher. 10,000 breaths a day? Keep going! 20,000 breaths a day? Almost there!

The average adult takes between 21,000-28000 breaths a day. This can obviously go up or down depending on your lifestyle, but it’s still a fascinating number.

Puppy Love

Ok, to be fair, this one isn’t just about puppies, this involves all pets. Because when it comes to life, a lot of people don’t just want human companionship, they want a loyal pet that’ll be there for them when times are needed. And there are plenty of animal shelters and breeders all over the world who are happy to give people those pets.

On average, about 7400 pets find new homes via adoption. And that’s just in the United States! So if you add in all the other countries of the world, you’d get a pretty big number. However, America is one of the nations of the world who really try and emphasize getting animals into shelters so that they can be adopted.

Now, obviously, there are some pets that are not adopted every day despite these high numbers, so if that makes you feel guilty, go and find an animal shelter and get your pet today!

Open For Business

In the world that we live in today, there are a LOT of people who have dreams, and dream jobs. But one kind of job that many people all over the world want is the ability to run their own business. Whether it be something like making crafts, being a mechanic with their own shop, a shipping company, a consulting company, making books, video games, movies, whatever you want! It’s possible if you have the right skills, and money.

To that end, every day in the world, about 1100 new businesses are opened up. On a certain level, I’m sure that seems rather small. With 8 billion people in the world, you’d think it would be more. But you’re thinking about this as if it was easy to open your own business. It’s not. It takes work, effort, money, contacts, and a belief that you can make it succeed.

So having 1100 new businesses open in a day, meaning over 30,000 in a month and about 360,000 new businesses opening every year is a pretty big deal. And if you’re one of those new businesses, we wish you the best of luck with all of your endeavors.

To Have And To Hold

There are many special events that are tied to life, and one of the most prominent by far is that of weddings. Weddings are believed to be one of the happiest points of a person’s life (though if they get divorced I guess it becomes a bitter memory…), and so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that there are so many wedding going on every 24 hours.

How many people tie the knot? That would be 114,000 couples, so that would be 228,000 people get married every single day! And for the record, that’s worldwide.

And while that is something to celebrate without a doubt, I don’t envy all the work that has to be done by those 228,000 people in order to get their weddings as “perfect” as they want them to be.

…makes me wonder how many of them just elope to get it over with…

Flying High

Remember when I said that our world is basically governed by the notion of traveling? I seriously wasn’t kidding, but it’s not just cars that we use to get around, right? One of the safest modes of transportation that is used by thousands upon thousands of people every day is flying. And just in the United States alone, there are 87,000 flights that happen in about a 24 hour period.

Now as anyone who has been on a flight knows, that number can fluctuate based on seasons, weather, mechanical issues, and more, but considering that there is only 24 hours in a day, and that airports aren’t as numerous as you might expect in the United States, that means that a lot of planes go out of a lot of airports within a 24 hour period.

The irony is that they could technically fly more if they were to upgrade their methods of both boarding passengers and getting people ready for flights. But I guess that’s just too much to hope for.

Airplanesource: Daily Express

Bad Boys Bad Boys

While it’s true that there are many good things happening in the world today, it’s also true that some people can’t help but do bad things. And when those people come around, it’s the police that are dispatched to deal with them. In the United States alone, over 29,000 people are arrested every 24 hours.

Yeah, it’s not always for life-altering crimes, but an arrest is an arrest. And to be honest, since there are 300 million people plus in the United States, that’s actually a low-ish number.

Plus, imagine if the police weren’t there to take care of those guys and gals breaking the law? Things would be a lot worse.

Arbor Day Every Day

The world we live in is one that is blessed by nature in many ways, but we also have to use nature to take care of our own needs. Which means that every day, trees are chopped down so you at home can have paper and other products that you use every single day.

As many have noted, that means that there needs to be trees planted in order to replenish them. Luckily, that does indeed happen.

For in the period of 24 hours, 4.3 million new trees are planted every single day. Obviously, it’s going to take them some time to grow, and some will die out before they’re fully grown. But in this case, the thought and the effort most definitely matter.

Can You Hear Me Now?

In the modern age, technology fuels our lives, and without a doubt the device that is the most used, most talked about and most talked on is the phone. Specifically nowadays, the smartphone. With every year bringing in new models, new versions, and new “advances” in technology, it honestly shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that so many are sold every day for one reason or another.

But what might surprise you is that it’s 4 million smartphones a day! Yeah, can you hear that?

I’m Lovin It

What? You can’t have a list featuring 24 hours without talking about fast food places! It’s a thing that makes the world go round!!! And the king of fast food is without a doubt McDonald’s. With them having low prices and great food it’s easy to see why so many people go to them during the course of a day. But how much food is produced by them every day?

Well, that number is hard to calculate, BUT, when it comes to burgers? Yeah, we got you on that. Try 6.5 million burgers are made and given out to customers every single day. Just the burgers! And that’s just in the United States, McDonald’s is a global brand, which means even more is made by them. Again though, that’s just the burgers, that’s not including fries, drinks, and the rest of the menu.

So if you go and get McDonald’s today, don’t worry, put on a smile on, because you’re definitely not alone.

Happy Birthday!

What’s that? It’s not your birthday today? Don’t worry, I wasn’t just saying it to you, I was saying it to the 18,000,000 people on average who have a birthday on this day, and the next, and the next, and so on and so forth.

Depending on your social circle (and yes, that does include Facebook), you no doubt notice that a lot of your friends have a wide array of birthdays. And yet, there are also some friends of yours who celebrate the same birthday. Now picture that happening ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

18,000,000 birthdays in 24 hours is a lot of birthday presents, a lot of balloons, a lot of cake and ice cream, and a lot of fun. Just in the United States, every 24 hours features about 814,000 birthdays.

So the next time you celebrate your birthday, maybe raise a piece of cake to the other 18,000,000 or so people also celebrating today.

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